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Perform SDA analysis as part of reverse business process documentation

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

November 15, 2011

Business Blueprints are a vital piece of the Solution Manager puzzle. Providing the detail of all your business processes, it is a fundamental part of your using Solution Manager. But what happens if your processes are changing, or if you're installing Solution Manager for the first time with 7.1.

With the latest release comes reverse business process documentation (RBPD) functionality. SAP partner IBIS provides content to SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE) and SAP MaxAttention Customers that's available for download. Once downloaded, you can use it to evaluate your system and construct your business processes as a result of how your business actually runs.

In her latest Solution Manager Expert article, "Automate Your Business Blueprint Using RBPD and the Solution Documentation Assistant in SAP Solution Manager 7.1," IBIS America's Marci Braybrooks explains the seven-step process for setting this up in your system. Below is an excerpt of the third step, which in its own right has seven steps.

Ste p 3. Execute SDA Analysis Based on a Reference Project

Create an analysis of your system based on the analysis project. Perform the following steps:

  1. Define the profile
  2. Specify logical components
  3. Specify systems
  4. Select periods for the analysis
  5. Schedule systems
  6. Specify additional parameters for the analysis
  7. Execute the analysis (or schedule it for later) and review the analysis summary

Access the SDA, select your analysis project, and click the Create button under Analyses based on Analysis Project ‘ZMLB RBPD for ERP 2011 10 12’ (Figure 12). A pop-up screen opens for you to begin defining your analysis. Enter a Name for your analysis and select the Schedule Mode as Immediate if you are analyzing a non-productive system or Schedule to run the analysis during off-hours against your production system. Then click Next.

Figure 12 Create SDA analysis

For the complete article, Solution Manager Expert subscribers can go here. For more information on Solution Manager Expert, go here.

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