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An SAP Web Channel Implementation in the Medical Device Industry

by Antoine Cadot-Wood

October 4, 2011

I used to work for a small medical device manufacturer, which happened to be in the midst of an ERP implementation. I got to try a test version, ordering imaginary parts, assembling nonexistent circuit boards, shipping them to made-up destinations, creating invoices that went to nobody, and in general using my fake data to harmlessly violate every rule of SoD. Experimenting with a test system is a little bit like bungee jumping – you get to experience the sensation of falling without the painful ending.

The real operations of a medical device manufacturer, of course, are heavily regulated to prevent such a painful ending, a fact that I’m grateful for every time I see a doctor. The software is best left to people who know what they’re doing. This week, SAPexpert Kunal Verma shows us how one such medical industry solutions company implemented SAP Web Channel as their e-commerce solution, and some key lessons from the implementation. Some of the topics covered by Kunal include:

  • Managing the scope of a Web Channel project
  • Branding and usability
  • Content management
  • Integrating preexisting product catalogs into Web Channel

Check out Kunal’s full article, “10 Lessons for Building the Web as a Sales Channel Leveraging Existing Processes” right here on ILN.

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