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Classic PCA and SAP General Ledger PCA Library Structure

by Gary Byrne, Senior Editor, SAPinsider

October 12, 2011

In his new article on Financials Expert titled “Migrate Your Classic PCA Reports to SAP General Ledger PCA,” Chirag Chokshi states that “the majority of SAP customers are making a transition from classic PCA … to SAP General Ledger PCA. Two reasons why users are moving to the SAP General Ledger PCA are seamless integration with the general ledger and real-time balanced documents as a result of the document-splitting functionality.”

One difference between classic PCA and SAP General Ledger PCA is the library structure. According to Chirag’s article,

“Classic PCA consists of Report Painter libraries 8A2, 8A3, 8A4, and 8A5. Classic PCA also consists of libraries 8A0 and 8A1, but they were created before SAP released the Report Painter functionality. Reports available with 8A0 and 8A1 are Report Writer reports. Classic PCA libraries are based on the classic PCA Totals table GLPCT. The SAP General Ledger consists of two libraries: 0FL and 0FS. Library 0FL … is based on table FAGLFLEXT, the SAP General Ledger Totals table.

The classic PCA table GLPCT consists of the field STAGR for statistical key figures, whereas the FAGLFLEXT table does not contain this field. Because FAGLFLEXT does not have the field STAGR for statistical key figures, reports developed with the library 0FL cannot contain statistical key figures. Later, SAP made available another library called 0FS — FI-GL (New): Totals and StatKeyFigs. With 0FS, you can develop an SAP General Ledger report with a statistical key figure using Report Painter. 0FS is based on virtual table FAGLFLEXR, which SAP has designed specifically for developing statistical key figure-based reports for the SAP General Ledger using the Report Painter tool.”

Library structure is just one of many differences between classic PCA and SAP General Ledger PCA. To learn more about how the updated features of SAP General Ledger affect profit centers, balance sheets, and reconciliation ledgers, attend a forum on October 13 from 12:30 to 1:30 ET with Paul Ovigele, Financials Expert advisor and author. Paul also has written the SAP PRESS book titled 100 Things You Should Know about Financial Accounting with SAP. To register for this forum go to




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