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Have you ever wondered how HR professionals can optimize social media in the workplace? Read this interview.

by Margaret Hein

October 20, 2011

by M.S. Hein, HR Expert 

This excerpt (below) is from my recent HR Expert interview Using Social Media to Do Your HR Job — An Interview with Thomas Jenewein,” published October 2011.

In this HR expert interview with Thomas Jenewein of SAP Education, HR Expert on October 19, 2011, Thomas discusses how HR professionals can get the most out of all of the new social media outlets available today, and how they can help them perform their jobs better — more efficiently and more quickly.  He also provides some great resources to get users new to social media started.

Below is an excerpt from our interview.


Does using social media replace any tools that HR professionals are currently using — if so, why is social media better or more effective than what they are using now?

Some parts of static intranets and company portals may go away, and will be replaced with wikis or similar tools. Radical believers and evangelists of social media even say that social media, such as Facebook with its communications tools, ultimately will replace email. I don’t personally think that Facebook or any other social media will completely replace business email, but, rather, that it will become just an additional tool for businesses to use. Most social media enable users to collaborate, edit information, and publish their own information more easily, so, as with Wikipedia, it is using the wisdom of a large pool of people. Most social media tools are also user centric, not expert systems, and thus are easy to learn how to use.

Has social media changed how HR employees do their jobs?

Yes. You can see it very clearly in recruiting already. Many HR employees use social networks like LinkedIn to search for and vet candidates; Wikipedia and video podcasts from iTunes University are used as learning tools; and so on. The future impact of social media on HR, on both sides of the marketplace (i.e., employees and employers), is limitless — we are only beginning to explore its potential.


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