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New in BI Expert: Getting Planning and Consolidation to Play Nice with NetWeaver BW

by Antoine Cadot-Wood

October 18, 2011

Robert Oliver, SAP BI developer at a London investment bank, had a problem. His bank was in the process of implementing SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver, in order to automate its monthly consolidation process and make it more efficient.

The solution made it all the way to user acceptance testing, but all was not well. Oliver describes what happened next:

“...the disconnect between SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation and SAP NetWeaver BW became apparent while running scheduled daily refreshes. Users changed the ENABLEJRN period on the time dimension because they needed to post adjustments to other periods, but users could not get the TVARVC variable updated to match. This mismatch caused data load problems (e.g., the planning and consolidation application cleared March data due to ENABLEJRN, but loaded April as that is what TVARVC was set to).

Further, during the month-end roll (i.e., when finance reporting moves from one month’s reporting to the next month’s), the TVARVC period moved forward but did not replicate in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation…”

The two systems simply could not get along. But Oliver, playing Prince Escalus to this Montague and Capulet, found a way to make the systems to agree on their dates using ABAP routines. To learn how, check out his article for BI Expert, “Make Automatic Updates to a Reporting Period in NetWeaver BW When a User Changes the Time Setting in Planning and Consolidation” right here on ILN. You also get a bonus download of the ABAP code Oliver used for his routines.

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