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Reporting on Infotype 22 Education with the Ad Hoc Query

by Danielle Larocca, Senior Vice President of Human Capital Management, EPI-USE Labs

October 6, 2011

Danielle Larocca, Spinifex IT

Hello.  Today’s blog post is in response to a question from user rlw_mimi, who posted to the Forum.  The question is: “A user has created an Ad Hoc Query that she wants to use to report employees' education (Infotype 0022) information.  The query is showing only the first Infotype 0022 that is read, not every Infotype 0022.
How does the query need to be set up so that it includes all education information for each employee? The report includes information from these Infotypes:  0000, 0001, 0002, 0041 and 0022. The selection criteria are:  company code, employment status, date type, employee group.”

To answer, I recommend that you do not use the Ad Hoc Query tool for SAP HCM reporting.  Instead, I suggest that you use the SAP Query. To learn more about your reporting options, check out SAP ERP HCM’s 5 Reporting Options: How Do You Choose?. 

With that said, your problem has a simple solution.  Because you are specifying a date type from Infotype 0041 in your selection criteria, you have limited your output to include only one row per person, and, in turn, only the first record of education information stored on the employees’ 0022 will show up.  

To see what I mean, take the report and do not specify the Date Type on selection. Rerun it and you will see multiple lines for each education record stored.  Now here’s the rub: you will also see multiple lines for every Date Type stored on Infotype 0041.  The SAP Query based tools including Ad Hoc Query and the SAP Query (SQ01) have a great deal of limitations, and reporting off of Infotype 0041, Date Specifications is one of them.  When you include a field from Infotype 0041 on your report, you are bound to have problems. 

If you want a quick fix, remove the Date Type field from your report altogether and your output will be as expected. 

If you want a long term fix it would require an ABAP Programmer to customize your Infoset (data source via transaction code SQ02) to allow you to report off of Infotype 0041.  The detailed instructions for doing this can be found in the HR Expert Article titled “How to Eliminate Duplicate Line Reporting.

Danielle Larocca recommends the Easy Reporter tool for all SAP HCM reporting. Connect with me on LinkedIn at



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