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SAP costumes your little trick-or-treaters will enjoy

by Scott Wallask

October 28, 2011

By Scott Wallask, SAPexperts

Those of you celebrating Halloween on Monday may want to know about some cool SAP-themed costumes that I’ve run into this year:

HANA Man – Similar to the late Charlton Heston’s spin as The Omega Man, HANA Man speeds (really speeds) around in a cool car, trying to collect as much candy as possible and then returns home to quickly sort it by weight, color, and any other useful characteristic. Only the rich kids can afford this costume.

Mighty Xcelsius – A battle-weary warrior seeking to reclaim his lost name, the Xcelsius costume inspires many loyal trick-or-treaters to follow him around the neighbor extolling his virtues.

McSnabe – This get-up takes a pair of trick-or-treaters to make it work because McSnabe is a two-headed giant, with one face resembling SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott and the other bearing a likeness to his counterpart, Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe. (Perhaps if you added Vishal Sikka’s face to this costume, you’d get a version of Cerberus.)

The Ghost of Pioneer – A ghoul long forgotten and now trapped in the software netherworld, the hooded Ghost of Pioneer spooks all who try to remember what it was.

Lèo – A hobo without a home, anyone dressed up as Lèo may try to take up residence in your house if you let them in.

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