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Tracking Sentiment with SAP StreamWork

by The Tip Doctor

October 10, 2011

Insider Learning Network, Tip Doctor.

This tip is excerpted from “Use SAP StreamWork to Track Sentiment Analysis and Performance Metrics” by William Newman, which appeared in GRC Expert in March 2011.

Imagine the ability to look at strategy and to be able to gauge the relative success of a program or activity based on preliminary feedback from society, the customer marketplace, or your own organization. Corporations can monitor the effectiveness of brand management marketing campaigns and how to target them based on Internet opinion of recalled or new products. Governments have been using tactics based on PSA approaches to detect the relative levels of terrorist group chatter across the Internet from broad analysis of many sources.

SAP StreamWork allows for quick collaboration in an enterprise social media framework that is both real time and push centric. Real-time access functions such as chat, discussion threads, project reporting (similar to other project micro-site environments), and document exchange enable users to actively engage all dimensions and issues of project work. The push-centric features, which allow notifications to be sent to other project members, poll user responses, and gauge enterprise opinion, allow SAP StreamWork to be highly proactive relative to other Web-based collaboration environments.

For strategic initiatives and projects that are defined by them, SAP StreamWork allows you to do the following when used with SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management:

•    Formulate strategic scenarios and trade-offs. Team members can apply collaborative and decision-making tools of SAP StreamWork to develop and prioritize business scenarios and risk mitigation plans. They can also add structure to the process of defining and approving strategic objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), and program initiatives to ensure alignment among key stakeholders and assigned owners.

•    Harness social and project networks within the enterprise. Enterprise teams often work in different physical locations, and with SAP StreamWork, dispersed teams can collaborate on the identification and analysis of business challenges and determine the best course of corrective action. Using the Web-enabled platform, they can extend problem solving and issue resolution to internal and external actors in team and value-chain environments (for example, development of inorganic intellectual property and product creation).

•    Create stronger governance and accountability. Strategic owners and stakeholders can use SAP StreamWork to create visibility and transparency with the right tools to communicate, manage, and share key insights into their areas of responsibility. You can link multi-sponsored strategic initiatives between decision-makers, subject matter experts, and best practice leaders within the organization to ensure greater cohesion and organization performance.

A more detailed explanation and demonstration of the various functions of SAP StreamWork can be found in William Newman’s full article at GRC Expert.

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