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Use Multilevel Categorization to Respond Flexibly to Service Requests

by Antoine Cadot-Wood

October 20, 2011

For the past month or so, we’ve been on a bit of an SAP CRM Service kick here at CRM Expert. But we haven’t completely covered a new functionality that underlies a lot of powerful Service transactions in SAP CRM 7.0. I’m talking, of course, about multilevel categorization, which allows you to define categorization schemas that you use to group and categorize different types of transactions and deal with them differently.

This week at CRM Expert, Dr. Rüdiger Göbel of ecenta AG is here to show us a very useful application of multilevel categorization. Dr. Göbel’s article demonstrates how to group service requests into different categories of issues (printer is jammed vs. disastrous system failure that paralyzes your whole company). Then, based on the category, you can determine different service and response profiles to each type of issue. So the jammed printer mentioned above might have a response time of a few hours, while the disastrous system failure might require all hands on deck within half an hour.

The best part of Dr. Göbel’s method is that there is no ABAP programming involved – everything is done through configuration and customization in the SAP CRM system. And the article, which subscribers can read right here on ILN, gives exhaustive directions on exactly how to do that configuration.

Read the article on ILN, and get ready for something completely different next week!

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