Visualizing SAP: The Connected SAP Universe

by Davin Wilfrid

October 28, 2011

By Davin Wilfrid, insiderRESEARCH

The final diagram in my "Visualizing SAP" series was easily the most ambitious and difficult to accomplish. "The connected SAP universe" includes 1,168 named SAP offerings, including applications, service packages, and technology platforms -- and every relational connection between those offerings. 

Click the image to view a full-size version.

Each small node (sphere) in the image represents an individual application or offering. The larger nodes represent categories. The more connections, the larger the sphere. 

To me, this visualization is a compelling way to illustrate the remarkable scope of SAP's product and service offerings. It really is a universe unto itself. 

About this visualization:

Network diagram created in NodeXL. Text created in Inkscape illustrator.

By the numbers

Total nodes (offerings): 1,173

Category breakdown 

Industry solutions: 424
SAP services: 163
SAP BusinessObjects applications: 114
Best practices: 69
Small and midsize business solutions: 69
SAP ERP applications: 57
SAP Technology/platforms: 55
SAP ecosystem and partner offerings: 54
Mobile applications: 39
Solution extensions: 32 
SAP Business Suite applications: 27
SAP PLM applications: 12
SAP SCM applications: 12
SAP Crystal applications: 12
SAP SRM applications: 10
SAP Manufacturing applications: 7
SAP Auto-ID solutions: 6
SAP Service and Asset Management: 6
Sustainability applications:

Other "Visualizing SAP" images:

Mobile Applications
Industry Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects
SAP Core Business Applications

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