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Visualizing SAP's core business applications

by Davin Wilfrid

October 21, 2011

By Davin Wilfrid, insiderRESEARCH

Last week I posted a nifty data visualization on the 500 most common words from SAP TechEd 2011. This week I'm turning my focus to SAP's product offerings and figuring out a way to present a clear picture of what SAP actually sells (besides services, which I left out of this project). 

I started by building a network diagram of the core business applications within SAP. The diagram is set up hierarchically to minimize confusion (i.e. some applications are connected to multiple "hubs" but only the primary connections are shown). 

Click the image for a full-sized version. 

Next week I'll get to the rest of SAP's product areas (BI and Analytics, Industry Solutions, Mobility-focused offerings, Small Business Solutions, etc.) and eventually build a gargantuan visualization of every single solution SAP has to offer. Should be pretty interesting once it's finished. 

Anyone spot any errors or omissions?

About this visualization:

The network diagram was built in NodeXL. The layout is based on the Harel-Koren fast multiscale algorithm, with manual tweaking to make the labels readable. 


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