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A Solution Manager function for performing change analysis

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

September 12, 2011

Any time you make a change to a system, there is going to be an impact. But in SAP Solution Manager, there is a way to analyze what that impact can be before you apply the change to the SAP system.

Ajay Vonkarey is a leading application life cycle management (ALM) and Solution Manager evangelist. In his first contribution to Solution Manager Expert, Ajay introduces readers to the Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) functionality in SAP Solution Manager. BPCA assesses how a change is going to affect various objects in the SAP system. 

Here is a snippet of Ajay's article, "Affirm Your Change Testing with BPCA":

You perform change analysis using the function via the SAP Solution Manager Work Center in the Test Management tab in the BP Change Analyzer function (Figure 1). You can run the change analysis against an existing transport request or from a list of transports delivered by SAP as part of a Support Package. The key information is to provide the System and Client values in which the transport resides. You can execute BPCA against an existing live SAP solution or an implementation project. The results are saved and sorted by each run and provide the detail of the run. This action is typically executed by the testing team lead or a project lead.

For the full article, Solution Manager Expert subscribers can go here. For more information about Solution Manager Expert, visit our homepage. You can find out more about Ajay's company, Alpha Sirius, here.

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