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How to build best-of-breed organizational charts using Microsoft Visio

by The Tip Doctor

September 13, 2011

Tip Doctor, Insider Learning Network

Accurate, easy-to-navigate organizational charts (or “org charts”) is key a component within any HR reporting strategy. Creating them, however, can often present challenges. In her Reporting & Analytics 2011 session, “Step-by-step instruction to efficiently create organizational charts,” Danielle Larocca offers guidelines for building best-of-breed organizational charts using Microsoft Visio:

1. Download the organizational structure from SAP into a text or Excel file (you can use a simple query or ABAP program for this purpose) that minimally includes:

•    Employee unique ID (PD position number)
•    Employee name (PA name)
•    Employee “reports to” unique identifier
•    OM Position number of the employee’s supervisor

2. Launch Microsoft Visio and select the Organizational Chart Import Wizard from the File menu – it will prompt you for the file name and menu path of the file you saved in Step 1

3. The Microsoft Visio Organizational Chart Import Wizard may prompt you with some formatting questions

•    After answering with your preferences, select Continue to proceed

4. Your data will be presented on the screen in an organizational chart formatted with your indicated preferences

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