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Reporting off PA and PD in the Same Report

by Danielle Larocca, Senior Vice President of Human Capital Management, EPI-USE Labs

September 29, 2011

Hi.  Today’s blog post is in response to a question from Vivek about being able to report on Personnel Administration (PA) and Organizational Management (OM or PD) data in the same query report. Specifically, he would like to report on key master data plus the objects related to the Position (S) and Job (C) objects like the Exemption Status and Pay Scale Group and Levels etc.

One of the common complaints related to Query based reporting in SAP HCM is the inability to easily report off of PA and OM in the same report using a Query.  SAP Help advises that it is possible and can be accomplished when designing the InfoSet
(transaction code SQ02) during configuration.  SAP recommends the use of the standard logical database PCH followed by the selection of the related PA infotypes to be included when running the report.  As with all Org Management based reporting, you will be required to specify an object type on the selection screen and enter an evaluation path.  That all sounds well and good — until you try it.  Unfortunately, although there are a handful of exceptions, the ability to easily create reports using the SAP standard delivered logical databases to include both data from Personal Management (PA) and Organization Management (OM or PD) is not currently pre-delivered.  

So you have three options.  The first is to go build the report you want in ABAP. This will require an ABAP Programmer skilled in the relationships inside Organizational Management.  For example, the scenario you init ially asked about would require the programmer to start in PA, get the position off of the infotype 00001, then go over to PD and get the Position or Job object and then find its Organizational  management infotype number 1610 to get at these fields.  Option number two is to use the same skilled ABAP Programmer mentioned above to build the fields you want from organizational management into your existing InfoSet.  The InfoSet,
which is based on the logical database (usually PNPCE), houses the data source
that is used for your reports.  If there are fields that you regularly want to report off of in your Query tools that are not present in the logical database, an ABAP Programmer can add them so that they are in the future. This requires the creation of a program that is then called in the InfoSet.  I like this option better because it makes the fields available for future use, but it requires additional attention and maintenance as with all custom objects you build.  And lastly, option three is to use a third party solution that is designed for SAP HCM reporting.  I just happen to
know the name of a good one if you are interested :).



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Cynthia Garza

9/25/2013 8:58:06 PM

I have a 4th option:

To meet this exact same requirement at my company. I added an additional table (T5U13) into the logical database. Within transaction SQ02, go to the field group Organizational Assignment, right-click on the field group. Click Node Extras. Click Create icon over on the right-hand side of the screen. Type in the table name T5U13. Use this select statement:


Then add the fields into your field groups. I also created a local field so I get the word "Exempt" or "Non-Exempt" in my queries instead of "1" or "2" because i can never remember which is which.

Hope this helps!