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Are you having problems integrating personnel actions on the FMLA Workbench and payroll processing? Jennifer Adams can help you.

by Margaret Hein

April 12, 2012

by M.S. Hein, HR Expert

Jennifer Adams, a principal consultant with AspireHR, who specializes in time management and U.S. payroll, and an HR expert, has just written a new article for HR Expert about the integration impact of personnel actions on the FMLA Workbench and payroll processing.

In this informative article, Jennifer identifies common issues that companies encounter when integrating the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Workbench and the processes required with payroll processing. She also discusses the causes of — and solutions to — hard errors that can crop up in payroll processing and preventive errors from the Cross-Application Time Sheet. And, finally, learn how to complete the integration process and correct these kinds of errors.

Here is an excerpt from Jennifer’s article, where she discusses the kinds of errors that can come up.


Impacts to the FMLA Workbench and Time and Payroll Processing

The entry of absences is a minimum requirement for the FMLA Workbench to track used entitlement against FMLA requests. Although you can implement the FMLA Workbench without using SAP Time Evaluation, you cannot use the functionality with out the entry and assignment of absences to the request. Absence entry is also a requirement if your organization uses the quota functionality within the SAP payroll processing system for any type of leave tracking, not just FMLA. If your personnel action for leave of absences places your employee in an inactive status, then you are unable to create the absences through CATS. Figure 1, below, shows an example of the kind of error message you receive if you try to do this.


Figure 1 Timesheet does not allow time entry for an employee who is on an inactive employment status


 (If you are already a subscriber to HR Expert, you can read this article in its entirety here: Integration Impact of Personnel Actions on the FMLA Workbench and Payroll Processing.)

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