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Enterprise Mobility the Next Wave - Six Super Trends

by Kevin Benedict

April 10, 2012

Today, only 32% of 602 SAP customers surveyed by insiderRESEARCH (download full report here) have an enterprise wide mobile strategy in place.  That means there is still a lot of work and thinking to be done here, but today we are going to take a break from today's environment and look at tomorrows'.

For the past few months I have been pondering the next wave of technology innovations that will have major impacts on most IT environments.  As a result, here are the "SUPER" trends that I would recommend IT organizations start watching and studying.  These are also the technologies that I would like to hear SAP discuss at Sapphire this year.

  1. Enterprise Mobility, Part 2 - Customized, Context Aware, Pervasive and Predictive Content
  2. Geospatial and situational awareness about everything - 4 dimensional field services
  3. M2M (machine to machine, the Internet of Things) integrated into everything - Example Health Monitoring
  4. Augmented and Assisted Reality on mobile devices - Examples Navigation and Google Glasses
  5. Real-time and data-driven decision making - Think Big Data, Location Based Services and Real-Time Business Analytics
  6. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

In addition to these six super trends, there needs to be taught new ways of thinking in a real-time, data-driven world.  Just like the military teaches soldiers land navigation, it will be equally important for the commercial sector to be taught how to navigate real-time data e ffectively.  In a world that provides massive volumes of raw data that will absolutely overwhelm a manager, there needs to be training on how to navigate directly to the important data that impacts the missions.

If we want to boil down these six super trends to their essence, it is real time communications between  sensors, machines, people, big data and analytics.

Do you agree, or are there other super trends that I have missed?


Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile Industry Analyst, Consultant and SAP Mentor Alumnus
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