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New HANA Introduction book from SAP Press

by Dr. Berg

April 27, 2012

There are very little in-terms of practical published material on HANA, except for some training books and some PowerPoint and blogs. However, this is about to change with the new HANA Introduction book from SAP Press.

by Dr. Berg

The HANA Proof-Of-Concept and Test

Working together with our editors at SAP Press, Penny and I decided to cover both the intro and overview of HANA, as well as including a how-to 'cook book' on HANA Studio, data loading and Information Composer. We even added a chapter on how the BOBJ tools integrate with HANA.

However, we don't want this book to be just a re-hash of what is already out there on the forums and blogs, so as part of the book, we are building a new system.

This is done by installing IBM's 3950 X5 platform and are installing BW and BOBJ as well to make sure we are getting the real benchmarks and got-cha's in our tests with ComeritLabs and IBM Labs. 

Today the system arrived in boxes at the lab, and now the fun begins. I have three of my employees working with me and the lessons learned will be in my next series of blogs...

Background and Authors

First of all, I have to acknowledge that I am biased in this blog. Actually, I am one of the two co-authors. Together with my friend and former colleague, Penny Silva, we are writing the first text book on HANA with support from ComeritLabs and IBM Labs.

Penny is a well know speaker at SAP Conferences with a lot of experience in running SAP BI projects and BI practices. Today, she is part of the IBM global leadership team for SAP Data and Analytics, and at a previous firm, we worked together for several years. So there is no coincidence that we are collaborating.

The HANA Introduction Book Table of Content

- Introduction to in-memory analytics
- Use cases for SAP HANA
- Requirements for running SAP HANA
- Implementation options
- Planning your installation
- SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects
- Information Composer and PowerUser capabilities
- HANA Studio
- Data population
- Data replication and ETL with Sybase and SAP tools
- Introduction to administering an SAP HANA system

Stay tuned.....

Dr, Berg


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