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BPC 10 tip: Special considerations for security, roles & user access

by Allison Martin

August 20, 2012

At our most recent  three-day BPC Bootcamp, Accenture's Anand Surange shared  his expert advice on securing BPC systems in his session "Critical Lessons for Configuring and Managing Security in Your Planning and Consolidation System."

Anand covered a variety of security concerns, including special considerations and advanced security with BPC 10. Here is a quick tip from that presentation, including step-by-step instructions for adding a user in BPC 10.

Security with BPC 10 - Special considerations

  • BPC 10 for SAP NetWeaver handles users quite a bit differentl
  • .NET server and the ability to import Windows and AD users via the .NET server is gone
  • User Management is in the SAP NetWeaver layer – Using SU01


  • Make sure profiles are generated for all roles
  • If the user is to be allowed access via the Web interface, the user must have the /POA/BUI_FLEX_CLIENT and /POA/BUI_UM_USER roles
  • Roles needed for specific environment sets and environment access will be managed by BPC

Adding a user to BPC 10

1. Log in to the Web interface of the environment set to which you would like to add this user

2. Click the Planning and Consolidation Administration link and navigate to Security and then Users Security

3. Click the Add button at the top left

4. Select the SAP user in the left-hand box. Click Add and then click Next

5. Assign the user to the Team and/or Member Access and Task profiles in the next pages.

For more on BPC Bootcamp locations & dates in the US & Europe, visit the BPC Bootcamp website  here, including full roster of all speakers & sessions at these 3-day seminars.

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