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Bill Cosby + Milk = Fun HANA Poll

by Scott Wallask

August 17, 2012

By Scott Wallask, Managing Editor,

There was a funny kids TV show when I was growing up called the Electric Company. It wasn’t about utilities or electrical work, but instead tried to help children read better.

Those of you out there who remember this show will recall a skit featuring two famous performers, Bill Cosby and Rita Moreno. The pair played milk delivery drivers, and they had a spirited discussion about determining how many milk bottles to leave at a home’s door each morning.

The skit involved a torn note left for Moreno by a family, and she had to decipher it based on the words she could read. Growing impatient, Moreno decides to skip the note and just yell to the household, “Hey, you guys!”

Fast forward to 2012, and there’s another heated video clip that involves deciphering – in this case, the pronunciation of HANA. The two characters in the video ain’t Cosby and Moreno – they look more like Lego figures – but the back-and-forth conversation between them has some good zingers, just like the Electric Company.

The point of the video is to have you vote on how your pronounce HANA. It’s fun and only takes a few moments.

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John Bertsch

9/25/2013 9:03:28 PM

I think the lady pronounces "HANA" right. And that guy looks like my uncle.