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Using Report Writer for financial reporting & beyond

by The Tip Doctor

August 17, 2012

Within SAP ERP and SAP R/3 there are several reporting tools - such as Report Painter, Drilldown Reporting, and ABAP Query - that should be considered before deciding to write custom ABAPs. Limiting the use of custom coding through the use of these reporting tools lowers the total cost of ownership of your overall reporting strategy.

Consultant John Cerqueira of Reliable Technical Solutions has a number of tips on ERP tools for financials reporting - and for anyone working with SAP ERP - that can help avoid custom code. In his session at Financials 2012 "Increase your proficiency with the report painter tool to overcome complex financial reporting challenges" Here is a brief excerpt from John's session, with a few quick tips on using Report Writer to create a report group (or modify an existing report group) to include in your new report:

- Reports must be inserted into a report group in order to be executed. One report group can feature one or more reports.
- Report groups contain reports of the same library
- A report group, when executed, presents one selection screen for all the underlying reports.
-  Report groups can be configured for report-to-report interfacing so that when the user double-clicks on a line of an outputted Report Painter report, the system presents subsequent, related reporting options.

For more information on Financials 2012, including the upcoming event in Singapore October 16-18, visit or follow #financials2012.

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