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First SAPInsider Mobile conference has kicked off!

by Allison Martin

February 27, 2012

So here it is…jumpstart day at the first ever, SAP Insider conference. This is our first year running a conference in the mobile space and I’m really excited to be a part of it. We are only a few hours into the start of the event and I’m already learning a great deal about the types of mobility projects customers are working on. Everything from mobilizing BI reports to adding mobile capabilities to HR applications, it really seems as if everyone is doing something different.  But one thing they all do seem to have in common is the fact that SAP is a big part of their mobile initiative. With such a large eco-system of partners and vendors the opportunities and functionality seems endless.

I’m listening in as Donald Coop of SAP and Paul Horan of Sybase walk jumpstart day attendees through the new functionality that SAP/Sybase offers.  Taking your SAP and other business applications mobile is not without its challenges, but SAP is really stepping up to plate to help ease the transition for customers.  One of the biggest challenges with taking your applications mobile is managing and securing all those devices.  I just saw a great demo of how using Afaria (a Sybase offering) provides IT administrators with a platform to centrally manage secure and deploy all of their mobile data, applications and devices. One of the great benefits is that it’s also device agnostic, so whether your employees are using iPads, iPhones, BlackBerrys, it can handle it all!

Donald and Paul have also been discussing the mobile device lifecycle, and what steps need to be taken within each phase. In the provisioning stage some of the most important tasks to be completed include assigning group membership and policies, configure devices for connectivity, and establishing security policies. In the production phase, you’re most important tasks include tracking asset data, updating/repairing software, and making sure always backing up your data. This leads us to the decommission phase, where it’s most important to re-provision or re-image the device, provide the user a replacement device, disable any lost or stolen devices and include an access violation lock.

I’m looking forward to hearing lots more on SAP Mobility and what great innovations are in store. If you are at the event, definitely make sure to come find me and let me know how you are enjoying the event and follow us on twitter at #SAPMOBILE2012.


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