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The SAP GRC Access Approver

by Gary Byrne, Senior Editor, SAPinsider

February 3, 2012

I’ve been watching some sports shows broadcasting live from Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis this week. During the broadcast, the cameraman periodically focused on several people (brave souls all of them) taking turns riding down the 14-story-high zip line, the longest temporary zip line constructed in the US. While listening to the sports analysts discuss game plans, defensive strategies, and key players, I started thinking about the construction of the zip line and other structures that make up the Super Bowl Village. I imagined all the data the construction team needed to keep track of to keep the project on schedule and in line with fire, building, and safety regulations.

In his article on titled “Super Bowl 2012: Building Code Officials Keeping a Close Eye on Temporary Structures," Juan Rodriguez listed the following items targeted by inspectors for compliance with fire safety and building codes:

• Means of egress facilities
• Combustible materials
• Anchoring methods including materials and equipment and structural stability
• Temporary structure labels
• Access location and parking
• Seating capacity and arrangement
• Location of equipment for heating and electrical services
• Aisle width
• No smoking signs
• Storage, handling, and location of LP-Gas
• Generator information/separation
• Flame propagation performance certificate

That’s a large checklist of business requirements to be concerned about. How did the workers access blueprints, outlines of regulations, and other data while working on the village? I’m willing to wager that the workers had smart phones with them while constructing the Super Bowl Village. However, I’m wondering if the project managers knew about a new mobile app from SAP that enables authorized mobile workers to access information that is stored on their companies' networks.
The app is the SAP GRC Access Approver. In her article titled “Approvals on the Go: How to Leverage Mobile Devices for GRC,” Jayne Gibbon defines the SAP GRC Access Approver as a mobile application that “enables managers to review and approve time-sensitive and operational-critical access requests, allowing authorized employees to gain access to systems and continue their work in a timely manner.”

She states that “approval bottlenecks cost companies money by delaying the ability to address critical business requirements. These bottlenecks include access approvals. The SAP GRC Access Approver application improves the speed at which employees can gain access to systems they need to complete their jobs.”

SAP GRC Access Approver provides mobile users with two access request categories: access and firefighter. A key benefit of the SAP GRC Access Approver is that managers don’t have to be physically connected to a network to review requests and approve them. According to Gibbon, the SAP GRC Access Approver “allows managers to approve requests using their mobile devices, thus dramatically improving the speed at which employe es can gain access to systems they need to complete their jobs.”

Are you using SAP GRC Access Approver? If you are post your comments about your experience using it here.

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