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Tips for closing the gap between marketing and sales

by Amy Thistle

February 16, 2012

This CRM tip comes courtesy of Lorena Gilbert of PwC, who is speaking at our CRM 2012 event, March 19-22 in Orlando, FL!

Key challenges for marketing and sales
•Poor alignment with Sales
? Different views of leads between marketing and sales
? Unfocused and undefined marketing and sales effort
? Not enough focus on the right customers, rather than those who don’t respond or are less profitable

•Poor lead generation
? Metrics for judging marketing lead generation are often based on quantity, not quality
? Difficulty pushing leads to sales in timely manner

•Leads are not qualified correctly
? Raw and unqualified leads are passed to sales
? Can mean lost efficiency resulting in high cost of sales
? Leads to inaccurate sales forecasts

•Difficulty in determining ROI measurements on lead activities
? Numerous lead source processes not standardized
? Poor linkage between lead and opportunities
? No closed loop between sales and marketing

Closing the gap – key concepts

Leverage campaigns to generate leads
? Use marketing campaigns to execute programs which generate demand for your product or service

Understand and target your ideal customers
? Build a profile of a top customer based on attributes of your most successful customers

Collaborate to establish a common definition of a lead
? Consider customer profile, long-term value and profitability

Use lead qualification to determine readiness of the lead
? Objective is to pass high quality leads to the sales workforce

Establish closed-loop feedback between marketing and sales
? Track hand-offs with complete with history of where the lead went, action taken and results

Track and share performance results
? Marketing and sales can share a vision and alignment on goals, strategies, tactics, and metrics

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