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A Glimpse of What Not to Miss in the January-March 2012 Issue of insiderPROFILES

by Amanda McKeon

January 17, 2012

By Amanda McKeon

The latest issue of insiderPROFILES is ready with articles detailing in-depth SAP implementations and other projects. To gain invaluable advice from large companies such as Hasbro, Westinghouse Electric Company, and AmerisourceBergen view the current issue online. Below is a peek at some of the highlights from the January-March 2012 issue.

Q&A with Greg Tomb, President of SAP Cloud Applications

insiderPROFILES was fortunate to interview Greg Tomb about SAP’s newest cloud-based applications, how they differ from familiar solutions, and the fundamentals that the SAP customer base needs to understand. Part of SAP’s overall success has to do with the fact that SAP runs SAP, and it is no different for the cloud-based solutions:

“Mobile devices are my main conduit to the business, so I use either my smart phone or tablet to access all of these cloud applications, which enable me to actively collaborate with my global team and easily monitor and analyze the business areas I lead,” says Tomb.

Tomb shares insights in this Q&A not only from his role as President of SAP Cloud Applications, but also as an experienced user of the solutions.

Hasbro’s Broad Transformation Using the Way to Work Initiative

Hasbro used the Way to Work initiative — a broad transformation effort to harmonize global processes — to combine a variety of elements, such as upgrading to SAP ERP 6.0 and standardizing processes within the core ERP system, into one business-driven and IT-supported project. The initiative was very successful and resulted in many benefits, such as:

  • Provided one view forward for Hasbro’s planning teams
  • Improved data consistency
  • Enabled the business to move to a shared-services model in Europe
  • Simplified the system landscape

Ross Wainwright’s 3 Best Practices to Leverage SAP Innovations

“Traditionally, SAP transformation projects are viewed as huge undertakings. Our goal, however, is to transform the way our customers think about these deployments into a series of more tightly scoped implementations that can drive value quickly, for a greater return on investment — and we’re doing it every single day,” says Ross Wainwright, COO of SAP North America. In this article, he explains how the SAP Services organization can help customers simplify their next SAP project to promote growth and utilize innovations. He sums it up in three best practices:

  1. Think big, start small, and move fast
  2. Pull more levers with fewer hands
  3. Embrace the art of governance

How Nu Skin’s Implementation Illustrates the Benefits of a People-First IT Strategy

Since Nu Skin was founded in 1984, putting people first has always been a top priority — not only the customers, but also the independent distributors and employees. This is clearly shown in the approach Nu Skin took to implement a centralized HR system. The project leaders made sure to think of the “people” aspects of the project before the IT considerations and had representatives from both HR and IT to ensure the right system was implemented. Collectively, the project team decided to implement SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM). The project leaders even visited different Nu Skin sites to ascertain their individual data and reporting needs.

Read the full article to discover how Nu Skin is already benefiting from a people-first implementation project and see how Symphony Management Consulting helped create a customizable HCM software solution.

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