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A sampling of dos and don’ts for incentive and commission management

by Amy Thistle

January 26, 2012

This CRM tip comes courtesy of Rahul Iyer of SAP, who is speaking at our CRM 2012 event, March 19-22 in Orlando, FL!


Identify End to End Business Process Owner - The central point-of-contact for a specific business process with an end-to-end responsibility through the Process Management Lifecycle.

Currently this role might be missing, we have many business process team members but we may not have an end to end owner in the area.

•Review wage type simplification on payroll
•Engage the payment systems early and often
•Define key global pool of metrics for calculation, this will provide flexibility in mixing and matching but limit the total number of metrics available
•Create a offline document to submission process for sales/finance management for new SPIFF, compensation plan changes
•Have a Champion in business for simplification of commission process
•Get a clear understanding of historical calculation conversion
Recalculation – what happens if you spot differences?
Only storing previous amounts?
How far back in the history?
•Use manual incentive/commission documents as exceptions only.


•Start the project without commission process harmonization commitment.
•Overlook the legal and corporate policies dependency on other modules (HR payroll, Accounts payable)
•Include in the scope the too many different parameters types e.g. revenue, non-revenue, KPIs, Customer satisfaction.
•Indulge in building a custom framework for one kind of incentive.

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