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Excerpt: Save time by downloading all your SAP Smart Styles at once

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

January 10, 2012

Last fall, ABAP consultant Qazi Wasif Ali provided SAP Professional Journal readers with a utility for downloading SAP Smart Forms all at once, rather than having to go through the tedious, manual process of going one by one. He noted at the end of the article that the utility failed to capture any SAP Smart Styles, just the forms themselves. 

He recently provided a follow-up program that could capture the Smart Styles. Here is an excerpt:

As an ABAP programmer, you have times when you want to download your work — whether it’s programs, custom SAP Smart Styles, applications, enhancements, or tables — to a different local system or external media. You might need to take it to another machine or another project that could benefit from the work you’ve developed.

Let’s take SAP Smart Styles as an example. Say you have 150 SAP Smart Styles that you wanted to move to another machine. The usual process involves downloading each SAP Smart Style individually, resulting in a repetitive, time-consuming process. I’ve developed a utility with ABAP code that allows you to download all custom or standard SAP Smart Styles in one effort. There is no third-party tool involved; it is completely based on the SAP system. To run it, you should have some basic knowledge of ABAP. I’ll start by showing you what the process to download SAP Smart Style usually requires, and then I’ll show you the code involved in my process.

For the full article, as well as the downloadable ABAP code for the program, SAP Professional Journal readers can go here. For more information about SPJ, go here.

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