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Michael Doane answers all your SAP project questions tomorrow in this live forum!

by Laura Casasanto

January 18, 2012

If you’ve ever encountered Michael Doane, author of The SAP Green Book and The SAP Blue Book -- and the man who coined the phrase "Thrive After Go-Live" -- you'll know he's been a tireless evangelist for helping project teams and SAP stakeholders across businesses make the most of their technology at every phase, even long after the project rollout team has disbanded.

Michael is about to release an updated version of his SAP Green Book, published by SAP PRESS, and in his recent discussions with Insider Learning Network he offers some great advice based on his years of experience with SAP customers.

You can ask him your questions, too - I'll be moderating a live one-hour forum with Michael tomorrow (Thursday January 19) at 12:30pm EST.

Here are my quick notes on the questions I'd like to see Michael answer during Thursday's live Q&A:

- How do project teams better communicate the value of their current SAP systems -- and in measures that business stakeholders care about?  Failing to do this carries a high price, especially for project teams working in such high-visibility projects like an SAP rollout. So what are the biggest mistakes that project teams make in this area?

- What's the first measure you usually point to as an indication that an implementation is NOT thriving? 

- Chapter 4 of The SAP Green Book is on outsourcing your application management. (Those who registered can access a pre-publication draft - still a work in progress! Look for the download link in your registration confirmation.) Any big changes in this area since you published the first edition of the SAP Green Book?

Have a question for Michael about the business and organizational challenges you're encountering while trying to keep your current implementations humming? Post your question for Michael on Thursday January 19 at 12:30pm EST. Feel free to start posting your questions now to ensure Michael answers them early in the forum. For full details and a sample chapter from his latest draft of the SAP Green Book, click here!

I hope to see you in the forum!

-Laura, Project Expert

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