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Mobile Apps and the Marriage of My Virtual and Physical Worlds

by Kevin Benedict

January 2, 2012

Greetings Great Mobility Minds!  In January 2010, I asked the world for a mobile application that would help me reduce my personal risks and improve my life experiences.  Nearly 2 years later, I still do not know if this mobile solution exists.  So again, I am asking the great minds of mobility to point me in the right direction if this solution does exists.  If it doesn't exist, I encourage the great minds that are also great entrepreneurs to develop this product.  Here again, is my original blog article, with minor edits, from 2010.

I love traveling, hiking and reading good books. I enjoy growing tomatoes and pondering religious and philosophical themes. I love my iPad and iPhone. I crave Thai food. I love drinking coffee in a comfortable chair and reading the New York Times. I want a mobile application that will connect my lifestyle preferences to a map, predict my safety, and suggest locations conducive to my lifestyle choices and interests.

I would like to arrive in a new city and open my mobile application and have it suggest great walking tours and hiking trails that were close to highly rated coffee shops, Thai restaurants, bookstores and public gardens. I would want to see these locations on a map with route options that predict relative safety for those using the various routes.  I would love to be shown several options all based on my preferences.

The application could also show me user comments and ratings of those locations, and overlay crime and safety statistics of those geographic areas so I can weigh the risk of going there. Is th e Thai food worth getting mugged, hit by a car or a falling tree limb?
While we are at it, let's predict the clothes I should wear based upon the weather forecast and time of year!

I can see it now - you should be able to set different safety ratings. You can configure the mobile application to show just the safest locations based upon accident, crime and health inspection data, or you can live on the wild side.This kind of mobile application is taking the next step.  It is converging the virtual world with my physical world and adding my preferences and interests.  It is being predictive.  It is using real time analytics based on "big data."

Does this mobile app exist?  I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile Industry Analyst, Consultant and SAP Mentor Volunteer
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