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SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 5.0's Business Functions Sets

by Gary Byrne, Senior Editor, SAPinsider

January 26, 2012

SAP ERP 6.0 enhancement pack 5.0 includes various business function sets. In his Financials Expert article, “Use Enhancement Package 5 to Boost the Efficiency of SAP Collections Management,” Mark Chalfen states that these business function sets offer users the following features:

• The ability to use a single button for creating promise to pay, dispute cases, notes, and resubmissions. Before the release of enhancement pack 5.0 separate buttons were needed to create these activities.
• The ability to enter notes without using another transaction. According to Chalfen, “you can categorize the notes and also raise them against a customer, an invoice, or many invoices. This feature allows collection specialists to provide all their notes to either a salesman or a manager.”
• The ability to create correspondence from within SAP Collections Management.
• The ability to create installment plans for customers.

In his article Chalfen outlines the steps needed to configure a date-based installment plan and a percentage-based installment plan. He adds that “activating all these new functionalities enables your collections team to be more productive and consistent. The functionality within this enhancement package is as useful to a potential Collections Management user as to an SAP user who has activated functionality within the previous enhancement packages. C ollections Management can add benefit to both large multinational companies with shared-service centers with a team of 100 collections specialists or a single entity with a much smaller team.”



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