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Where BPM and Solution Manager intersect

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

January 10, 2012

Like most of you, I've read my fair share of Top 10 lists over the last few weeks. Some cover last year. Some look ahead. Some are comic relief after reading so many of the same types of articles.

In a forward-looking project management trends piece in Manufacturing Business Today, J. LeRoy Ward notes about the trend of an increased link between project management and business process management (BPM):

5. Smarter project investments will require a stronger marriage between project management and business process management (BPM). 

In the financial services industry, and specifically in the insurance sector, there will be a continued laser-like focus on performing business processes as efficiently as possible to drive down operating costs. The philosophy of BPM is fast becoming a key factor in project selection. When new projects are propose d, their value will be judged to a large extent on the impact they will have on the organization’s business processes. The more impact the project has on reducing internal costs, the higher it will be ranked. The “smart” money will be spent on driving costs out of the business. Given the high premium being placed on efficient processes delivered through projects, BPM is a key concept with which project managers will need to be intimately familiar. 

With a higher premium being placed on business processes, IT solutions must in turn be better equipped to document and manage them. SAP Solution Manager 7.1 has incorporated a new functionality called Business Process Blueprinting to address this very concern.

Mentor Visoka of CoreALM Corp. detailed BPB in the Solution Manager Expert article "Ease Your 7.1 Implementation Blueprint Phase with SAP Business Process Blueprinting." In the article, Mentor explains the functionality involved, as well as the necessary prerequsites for using BPB. He then walks through a five-step process to configure BPB in your Solution Manager system. By following the process shown, you can expect some serious improvements:

Improve your business processes by documenting them properly, with consistency and clarity, lower the number of exceptions, and reduce potential risk of project failure due to poorly established requirements and standards. With BPB, you can adapt SAP best practice processes to serve your business accordingly by leveraging the SAP cross-industry business maps, the Business Process Repository (BPR), the SAP Help portal, SAP NetWeaver, and Enterprise Service Workplace integrated within the BPB rich client platform (RCP).

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