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New features in 7.3: DB support & BW Workspaces

by Dr. Berg

July 2, 2012

Editor's note: A few weeks back, Dr. Berg  spoke with SAPexperts editor Scott Wallask (@BI_ScottWIS) on upgrades to BW 7.3. You can listen to that podcast here.

Today's post adds to Berg's 7.3 upgrade advice,  highlighting some of those newer features in 7.3 for both BW teams - and even for business users.

7.3 - From database agnostic to database support

Previously, SAP BW was database ‘agonistic’ and as a result, did not always take full advantage of database features used by the clients. This has changed somewhat in BW 7.3.

Now there is new support for database features for Teradata and DB2 - great news for those using Teradata and DB2.

For example, 7.3 can now run on top of the Teradata database and you have the ability to use BW-Accelerator on-top of Teradata. You can also use the SAP’s system to manage transports between your BW environments.

For DB2, 7.3 supports specific database features such as PSA, DSO and fact table compressions for reduced disk volume (integrates with DB2 storage management on DB2 v9.5). You also get support for MDC clustering in the DB Cockpit (available in v9.5.2. or higher and default for all DSO tables and PSA in version 9.7). In addition, you get much faster request deletion if MDC clustering i s used and v9.7 even supports index compressions to reduce disk volume. You also get support for DB2’s database partitioning feature (DPF).

Then, for BW architects and designers - and even your business users as well - there is...

BW Workspaces in 7.3

This release also introduces the term “BW Workspace”. This is dedicated area in BW where new models can be created based on central BW and local data (cvs files, text etc.).

The BW workspaces may be controlled by IT and used by business departments to react faster to new requirements.

The workspaces can even be given their own BWA access ‘areas’. 

Tthere is also a new Workspace Designer tool that you can give to the business units. It is GUI based on have many wizards to do basic functions (step-by-step). Just a caution, though, to be careful to whom you give access - if the business people who do the work are not properly trained or managed, it can be a Wild West in your BW system!

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