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SAP HANA: Crash Course in a Hot Topic

by Dave Hannon

July 10, 2012

By Dave Hannon


Every once in a while there's a topic or technology that takes the SAP world by storm. You're on Twitter. You're on SCN. You're on the Insider Learning Network. There it is. It's everywhere. One week it's being touted as a solution to literally cure cancer and another it's getting birthday wishes from the CTO of SAP in a blog post.

It's SAP HANA and it's everywhere these days. And for good reason. Rarely has a single technology brought such optimism and a healthy dose of skepticism (depending on who you ask) from such a wide audience. SAP users, market analysts, consultants, even Larry Ellison -- everyone has an opinion on SAP HANA today. 

Your job is basically a fact-finding mission right now. You need to find out as much about SAP HANA as you can in the shortest amount of time to determine 1. If HANA is all it's cracked up to be and 2. How this technology can benefit your organization. 

We can help. Here's a list of some of the offerings that the Insider Learning Network, SAPinsider, insiderPROFILES and SAP Experts has create to help you learn about SAP HANA.

July 11: Live Expert Q&A here on the Insider Learning Network: Prepare SAP BW to run on HANA: Q&A with Joerg Boeke on sizing, tuning and optimizing BW for in-memory processing (Bonus Download: When you register for this Q&A, you can also review Joerg Boeke's tips on tuning your BW data for HANA. Look for the download link in your confirmation email.) Register here.

July 25: A live Q&A here on the Insider Learning Network where Dr. Bjarne Berg & Penny Silvia tackle your HANA questions, from implementing SAP HANA to using HANA Studio. Post your questions now.

July 25: First of SAPinsider's HANA Seminars. This series of in-person training seminars kicks off in Chicago July 25-27. In coming months it will visit San Jose, Washington DC, Amsterdam and Las Vegas, so check the schedule.

On-Demand: Evaluating SAP HANA: A webcast covering scenarios, comparisons, and insights on SAP HANA. Presentations by Hettie Tabor of Accenture and Uddhav Gupta of SAP. Register here.

SAP User Case Study Available Now: Read a brand new case study from insiderPROFILES Surgutneftegas Takes SAP HANA for a Test Drive  

Consultant's Case Study: Read a firsthand account of an SAP HANA implem entation from Jonathan Haun, Consulting Manager at Decision First Technologies, on the SAPexperts site

Insider's Pespective: SAP's Dan Kearnan authors an article in the latest issue of SAPinsider entitled SAP HANA is a Journey, Not a Destination

Whew...that ought to keep you busy for the summer! And as always, feel free to post your questions on SAP HANA in one of the forums here on the Insider Learning Network. 

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