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BW 7.3 features for faster data loads

by Dr. Berg

June 21, 2012

One of the quantum leaps for  BW 7.3 release is in its data load features.  To start, there are several new data load options in 7.3. Now you can create generic delta extraction for the Universal Data (UD) & Database Connect (DB) options, as well as for flat files. 

You can also use the new DataSource adapter “Web Service Pull” to load data from external web services. You can even create generic WebServices delta loads, and load the new data straight into the staging area of BW 7.3.

Here are just a few other new features to help you improve data load:

7.3 Data Activation features:
In 7.0, during activation BW had to lookup in the NIRV table to see if the object already exists. This could be a slow process. We had some basic tools to assist us in tuning this. We could buffer the number ranges to compare the data load with records in-memory to speed up data activation.

However, in BW 7.3 the data activation is changed from single lookups to package fetch of the active table, resulting in faster activation and less locks on the lookup tables. The new method may result in 15-30% faster data activation (I have seen 20-40% in our lab tests).

You now can also use the 7.3 initial load runtime option “Insert only” and the “Unique data records only” to prevent all look-ups during activation.

Data transformation in 7.3:
Data transformations 7.3 offer a ‘Read from DataStore’ option for a faster data look-up. In addition, the use of navigational attributes as sources in Masterdata transformations reduce over head for lookups. Combined, this may lead to an additional 10-20% improvement.

New integration of hierarchies:
While web services do not support hierarchies yet, there is now integration of hierarchies into the standard process flow such as transformation and DTPs, as well as being able to load hierarchies from flat file using a new DataSource.

Delta tools:
Another great change is that when you use delta loads, the first time BW 7.3 automatically defines it an “init load” after that it automatically switches to “delta” as the InfoPackage mode (there is no need to define it anymore).

Overall, great new features that can significantly improve data load. The combination fo new activation options in 7.3 and delta tools may be the core reason why you want to consider the upgrade sooner than later!

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