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Question from a reader

by Margaret Hein

June 20, 2012

I was recently contacted by a subscriber to SAPexperts who had an HR-related question. Here's what he wants to know:

In Time Evaluation implementation, very often I see variable balances (VS, CVS)being used. What is the purpose behind using this functionality? By declaring a variable and doing certain calculations based on it, is it being used as a substitute for time type?

I would really appreciate if time experts could help me understand the variable balance concept in time evaluation.

Thank you.

-- MK

If anyone knows the answer, please post it here.


M.S. Hein, SAPexperts editor, HR Hub

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Daniil Serebrennikov

9/25/2013 9:02:55 PM

VS and CVS table can be used if it is necessary to add to a variable so called variable key information. For example, you want to count hours related to different premiums or pay scale groups/pay scale levls and in this case there is no need to create multiple time balances for each and every combination of premium/pay scale group/level etc.

Please review documentation for SAP pre-delivered PCRule TTIG where the functionality is explained in details (though this PCRule is not used in recent releases). I have used similar functionality in several projects for diffent needs and it works fine.

The information from VS/CVS tables can be retrieved from the cluster by custom programs.