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SAP Strives to Keep SAP HANA on Top

by Amanda McKeon

June 12, 2012

By Amanda McKeon

Though SAP’s in-memory database technology, SAP HANA, is not the only one of its kind in the market, SAP is taking strides to make sure that it stays ahead of the competition. In a recent OVUM blog, Warren Wilson reported on SAP’s plan to expand the capabilities of SAP HANA. At last month’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference, SAP announced that eight new applications have been built on HANA to be used across the organizational value chain, including sales, supply chain planning, and collections. SAP HANA is also being utilized in diverse industries such as oil and gas and healthcare.

Another way SAP is proving the power of SAP HANA is by taking advantage of the solution in its own walls. “SAP runs SAP” has been a successful motto of SAP, showing that the company is confident enough to run its own solutions. SAP HANA is no exception, and the recently acquired company, SuccessFactors recently announced that it will adopt SAP HANA as its in-memory database technology for big data.

More examples of how SAP HANA is being leveraged can be found in the April-June 2012 issue of SAPinsider. Scott Leatherman’s article, “Powered by SAP HANA: Partners Help Push SAP’s In-Memory Platform into Its Next Phase,” shares how SAP partners are helping customers utilize the speed and transparency offered by the technology to solve big-data challenges.  

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