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Driving user adoption

by Prakash Holalkere

March 4, 2012

Top Management sees the value of a BI Strategy as survey after survey brings to attention the sense of urgency and the high priority attached to business intelligence.

The management drives the creation and/or refinement of a BI Strategy. Through the strategy, clarity on initatives emerges. Initiatives get tagged with capabilities that need to be enabled and supported at a tactical and operational level. These capabilities include revamp and/or implementation of best practices and best of breed tools.

When it comes to analytics, one of the big challenges companies face is to get users to adopt to change. When we present the new/updated set of tools available now for analytical needs, users get overwhelmed and like anyone else are resistant to change.

An interesting quote I heard at the conference and something that hits the spot is -

'Culture can eat strategy for breakfast'

Almost all of us in the BI space know that user adoption is the most critical factor for success, not just for that reporting project, but for the overall implementation of a BI strategy. If the culture of the company is to resist change, then no matter how good the strategy is, it wont make any headway.

Among all the tools that I have seen so far from the SAP Suite of reporting products, from my own experience, and from the many case studies that I reviewed during the conference, SAP Business Explorer helps put the best foot forward. Users love the intuitive features of the tool, require little to no training, can do ad-hoc and self service analytics, can do root cause analysis and look for hidden trends and then reach out to the IT team for any specific analytics/reporting requirements.

It seems to be the best, non technical tool, with a simple look and feel that doesnt overwhelm the user, among all the r eporting options that are currently available. Many IT managers in the conference had got great response from their user communities with the implementation of Business explorer allowing them to build the relationship and partnership with the users.

If you dont have business explorer in your matrix, I would recommend you consider it.



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Ramachandran Anand Nataraj

9/25/2013 9:01:14 PM

Very apt quote! Agree on the Business Objects Explorer's relevance in the overall scheme of things...