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Financials 2012 Jumpstart session on FI and CO

by Allison Martin

March 12, 2012

How fast time flies!

I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since the last time I was in Las Vegas for the Financials and GRC conferences.  One of the things I love about getting to coordinate these events, is seeing how quickly things change and getting an up close look at the latest and greatest things happening with SAP's financial and GRC technologies. With all new and innovative products and functionality SAP has released, it’s been a full time job to just keep up!

With an array of jumpstart offerings running this morning, I had my hands full in deciding which one to attend, but I ultimately decided to check out Paul Ovigele’s session on techniques for better managing and optimizing FI and CO. I was really excited to add this session to the program for a couple of reasons, 1, Because Paul is so knowledgeable and a great speaker and 2, because even with all the new products and releases SAP is coming out with, there is still a huge need for customers to learn more about products they already have, which is exactly what this session delivers on.

Paul has been providing actionable advice that attendees of this session can put to use as soon as they get back to the office. One of the things he’s discussed is utilizing drill down reporting in the SAP General Ledger.  With various dimensions that can be reported on, such as profit center, segment, functional area,  the SAP General Ledger has a “cube like” structure similar to CO-PA,  you need a report that is flexible enough to sort by different characteristics, as well as a combinations of characteristics. Using classical reports you do not ha ve the functionality for multi-dimensional reporting, which is why using drill down reporting is such a great option. Paul goes into a great amount of detail on how to quickly and easily create a drilldown report.

I’m looking forward to sitting in on more of Paul’s sessions this week at the Financials event. If you are attending the show in Las Vegas, definitely make sure to find me and say hello and provide feedback on the event and how things are going.  Also make sure to follow us on Twitter, #GRC2012 and #Financials2012.


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