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What is "Payment Usage"?

by Moinuddin Khan

March 20, 2012

What is “Payment Usage” 

If you have not heard about payment usage then this blog will definitely give you exciting information. It is often user asked or search for information where he or she can know how many invoices got cleared by a particular payment document. A traditional way of answering is to view it through FBL1N (vendor line item) and calling an appropriate column like clearing document and totaling, subtotaling etc…

However, there is another easy way to quickly find out such information and such info called payment usage. If you happen to know the payment document number then go to Document display “FB03” (Menu Path: Accounting>Financial Accounting>Accounts Payable>Document>Display) enter the payment document number and company code and fiscal year (if required) and press enter.

When document displays then click on Environment and then click on Payment Usage. This will give you the all those invoices and documents which got cleared by that payment document.


This functionality is not limited to Payment documents instead it can be used for any document which has cleared open items for e.g. bank reconciliation clearing documents

This functionality works even in case if you have New GL setup and you have activated General Ledger view in editing option (FB00)

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