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Getting real with SAP HANA

by Graceanne Bowe

May 14, 2012

by Graceanne Bowe, Senior Director, SAPinsider

SAPPHIRE NOW 2012 is in full swing down in Orlando, and it’s no surprise that big data---namely, SAP HANA—is one of the hottest topic.  Customers are currently standing three-deep in line at the SAP HANA pavilion, hoping to get some face time with the technology experts.  And educational sessions delivered by customers who have taken the HANA plunge are overflowing, without an extra seat to be had. 

It’s becoming clear, as one of the keynote speakers observed this morning, that customers have moved beyond fascination with the promise of SAP HANA and are hungry to know what it takes to make it real in their organizations.  Some of the key questions customers are asking: 

  • How do I make SAP HANA work in my business, and what’s the payoff?
  • How do I build a business case?
  • SAP HANA is complicated software—how do I set it up and get my landscape ready?
  • How do I train up my technical and business teams?
  • What does SAP HANA mean for end user reports and analytics?
  • How did customers who are now live on SAP HANA build their project plan?

In short, customers are ready to get real with SAP HANA.  They’re asking the tough questions every company wrestles with before introducing game-changing technology to their business.  They clearly want to spend time with people who have real-world expertise with the technology.  And they want to hear from other customers who have transitioned be yond the honeymoon phase and are living with SAP HANA from day-to-day. 

As customers seek to understand and take action, the educational opportunities are keeping pace.  SAPPHIRE is a perfect example, as is the SAPinsider HANA Seminar, which kicks off July 25-27 in Chicago and travels to five more cities in the US, Europe, and Australia before the end of the year.   

Is your organization seriously evaluating or in the POC stage of an SAP HANA implementation?  If so, share your toughest questions here, and we’ll refer them to SAP HANA experts.

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