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The REAL Cost of Cutting Back on End-User Training

by Dave Hannon

May 2, 2012

By Dave Hannon


If your company polled your SAP end-users on their SAP competence what do you think the results would show? Would you be surprised to find, say, more than half of your end users rate themselves as "sub-standard" meaning they use the SAP system but admit they aren't getting the most of the functionality? (That would be the  functionality you worked so hard to get in front of them.) Have you ever considered administering such a survey?

Author and consultant Michael Doane (@micdoane) of CGI has not only administered such surveys at SAP customers, he's willing to share some results with you and provide his insights into what they mean. Doane provided some  insights during our recent podcast available here. He's also willing to provide a case study he did with Fluor Corp. in this area to those who register for his live Q&A here on the Insider Learning Network next week.

One of the questions Doane often gets in this area is: How do I know if my training investment is paying off? Doane says while calculating an ROI for end-user training is a complicated proposition, a more direct measure of the value of training would be to ask your company how much a help desk call costs.

"They may think the whole cost of it is $50 per call," he says. "But what if that call was about a sales orde r entry that inevitably doesn't get done on time? How much did it cost you then?"

The point is well taken. The question isn't really if you can afford to invest in training. The question is if you can afford NOT to invest in SAP training.

For those of you who struggle with the broader questions of SAP training, register for the free Live Q&A on May 8 at 12:30 p.m. EDT and ask an expert for advice.

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