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8 tips for successful migration to SAP GRC 10.0

by The Tip Doctor

November 26, 2012

Avoid common pitfalls in migrating to SAP GRC 10.0 with these tips from SAPexpert author Alpesh Parmar.

At his GRC 2012 session last spring - "Case Study: How Levi Strauss & Co. Improved Global Compliance with an SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 Implementation" -  Alpesh highlighted a number of tips for planning and managing a GRC implementation project.

Here are just some of his  tips for migrating to SAP GRC:
  1. Set up filters to exclude data related to certain entry from migration

  2. Set up necessary transformation, e.g., Business Process (B.P.)
    ID is allowed to have 10 characters in GRC 10.0. RAR (Risk Analysis and Remediation) 5.3 only allowed 4 characters for B.P. whereas CUP (Compliant User Provisioning) 5.3 allowed 40 characters for B.P.

  3. If you forgot to set up transformation/filter for one of the components or wanted to manipulate the file before importing, you can re-import all the data with overwrite option. This will wipe out any relevant data.

  4. Don’t try to migrate workflow data, as it still requires manual effort. GRC 10.0 uses SAP Business Workflow, which is very powerful and flexible so it is better to configure workflow from scratch.

  5. Manipulate exported files to set up easy transformations by using a tool like EditPlus/Notepad++. Don’t use MS Excel as it will change the file format.

  6. Set up at least one staging server before production environment (recommendation is to have a sandbox/development, QA and Production)

  7. Customization of ruleset is a must to remove false positives and identify risks coming from custom Tcodes. Pre-delivered ruleset acts a good starting point.

  8. Design a simple and easy to manage 2-4 stages workflow for Access Requests. Having a complicated workflow would increase request closure time and add complexity while troubleshooting issues.

For more on SAP GRC, visit our GRC Group here on Insider Learning Network,  read more about Alpesh's GRC experience in an article on the Levi Strauss rollout  in insiderPROFILES and get additional tips by Alpesh in his most recent articles from SAPexperts.  

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