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HANA Takes Center Stage at SAP TechEd Closing Keynote

by Kenneth Murphy

November 16, 2012

By Ken Murphy


SAP CTO and Executive Board member Dr. Vishal Sikka titled his closing keynote presentation at SAP TechEd Madrid “HANA: The Logical Platform” as an homage, he said, to both HANA and the band Supertramp, which closed out the SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd proceedings Thursday afternoon with a live show. “The Logical Song,” Supertramp’s biggest hit, played over the PA as Sikka took the stage.

After watching Sikka and his guests describe and demo a few HANA test cases on the keynote replay this morning, I think he may have to find a different song to use as a metaphor for SAP’s in-memory database. Lyrics in the song’s chorus – “the questions run too deep, for such a simple man” – certainly aren’t reflective of HANA’s analytical capabilities.

“Our ability to ask questions becomes unprecedented,” Sikka says of HANA’s lightning-fast analytical power. “We’re limited only by our imagination.”

As an example, Sikka cited HANA crunching 1.2 trillion records from a large retailer – 10 years’ worth of transactional data – with complex multi-dimensional queries and achieving results in fractions of a second. Of the 21 test questions run, 17 produced results in less than a second. The longest – a quarter-over-quarter comparison of six years of data – took 4 seconds.

Questions running too deep? Not for the three SAP customers Sikka announced as winners of the “100K club challenge,” which he unveiled at SAP TechEd Madrid 2011 for the companies that could first use HANA for a 100,000-fold improvement of a business process. The winners – Yodobashi, Nongfu Spring Co., and Mitsui Knowledge History Co. – each receive a trip to Hana, Hawaii, courtesy of SAP.

Sikka said that Nongfu Spring, a bottled water company in China, uses HANA to shorten its cost calculation run from 25.5 hours to 700 milliseconds, which has allowed the company to lower its transportation costs by 35 percent, significant for a company that allocates 15 percent of revenues toward transportation.

Keeping in line with HANA as the star of Sikka’s keynote, SAP announced four new solutions during SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd, all designed to leverage the power of the HANA platform:

  • SAP Liquidity Risk Management application
  • SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning application
  • SAP POS Data Management application
  • SAP Customer Usage Analytics analytic application

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