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Mobile tip #1: Why your mobile UI is so important and key things to avoid

by Allison Martin

October 1, 2012

I hope everyone is looking forward to the Enterprise Mobility 2012 conference, scheduled for October 29-31 in Las Vegas!!

We've got a great program lined up with lots of fantastic content. As I was looking through some of the presentations, I found a great tip from Pete Lagana, VP of Digital Experience at Excellis Interactive that I thought would be worthwhile to share. For more info on the event, visit

This tip provides insight into the importance of a good Mobile User Interface as well as some instances of how a mobile UI can go wrong, bascially key things you'll want to avoid in your design.

A good mobile UI lowers total cost of ownership

  • 63% of software projects exceeded their development budgets because of:
        - Frequent requests for changes by users
        - Overlooked tasks and/or functionality
        - Users’ lack of understanding of their own requirements
        - Insufficient user-to-analyst communication and understanding

A good mobile UI Eliminates Training Cost & Impact

  • 2200 Users
  • Daily Revenue > $6400/user
  • One day of training costs:
    - $14 Million/day
    - $1.76 Million/hour
    - $29,333/minute
    - PLUS travel & trainer costs

Examples of how a mobile UI can go wrong
 - OverDesign
 - Brandless UI

For more information on designing your UI properly along with other tips from Pete and our expert roster of speakers, make sure to register for the upcoming Enterprise Mobility 2012 event, Oct. 29-31 in Las Vegas,

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