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My quick guide to getting your questions answered at Projects 2012

by Amy Thistle

October 29, 2012

Amy Thistle, conference producer, Projects2012.

Whether it’s your first time at Managing Your SAP Projects conference, or you're joining us again this year,  welcome to Vegas!  The goal, of course, is to help you get YOUR top challenges and questions addressed while you're here. Which tracks, speakers , questions and events are tops on your list?

To help, here are my quick answers on the topics I most often get about Projects 2012  - from the big topics this year for our attendees, to new sessions and speakers:

The hot topics for attendees this year...

Don't be surprised if you find yourself learning from fellow attendees as well as our expert speakers.  There's a mix of folks working on SAP projects for the first time, and veterans who find themselves looking for advice on how to best use  SAP Solution Manager,  apply new methodologies, or build super user programs.

Upgrades remain a hot topic, and we've paid special attention to that across various tracks. And with so many global companies involved, we have designed a track dedicated to global projects – including dealing with issues beyond technology, like culture, language, and time zones.

There is also a track on methodologies -so if you’ve been managing projects using Agile principles and now want to now use ASAP, where do you start? We also have sessions on the waterfall methodology, sessions on managing projects with PMI's methodology, along with sessions on Six Sigma, SCRUM, and ITIL among others.

What’s new...

If you were here Sunday for Jumpstart Day, you know that we added our first lab this year - an SAP Solution Manager hands-on lab for the first time with Michael Pytel. And the SolMan advice continues for the next 3 days with an entire track on 7. 1 with some great speakers. And check out our new  mobility & cloud track for those evaluating - or jumping right into - those projects.

Catching up with our great speakers...

I have a great affection for this conference's speakers, some of whom we've worked with for many years. There are also some that our attendees might also be seeing here for the first time. One is Brian Wilson, a veteran with lots of great project management experience and advice to share, and we also have two sessions with PMI speakers Priya Sethuraman and Larry Bull.

Then, there are the experts our attendees know well: Michael Pytel,  John Krakowski, Winni Hesel, and Yosh Eisbart, to name a few - as well as Lon Blake, who will be speaking specifically on ERP upgrades and enhancement packages.  And of course Doug Whittle, who is very fond of this conference and has quite a following among out attendees. I know that the speakers are excited to be in Las Vegas together again and catch up! 

Selecting your sessions…

I always encourage attendees to just sit down with the program guide and highlight the sessions that they want to attend. Take advantages of the resources we have on site to help you determine what sessions you should go to.  

Please don’t hesitate to check with me – or any of our conference team --  to help you figure out which sessions & tracks are right for you.

Then after planning out your sessions, be sure to spend some time walking through the exhibit hall, meeting other attendees, and visiting our Ask the Experts sessions. And of course, enjoy the cocktail receptions tonight and tomorrow night - I look forward to seeing you there!

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