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Do’s and don’ts for using Solution Documentation Assistant

by Amy Thistle

September 7, 2012

This Solution Manager tip comes courtesy of Heiko Hecht from IBIS America, who is a speaker at our upcoming Solution Manager Seminar, October 28-31, 2012 in Las Vegas.

•Set a target!
> You need to have a strategy to come up with priorities

•Start with SAP’s BPR, not from scratch
> Take a look at SAP’s BPR first, then decide how to tweak it
> SAP updates the BPR approximately once a quarter

•Come up with standards and naming conventions
> Different functional areas might have different requirements

•Take a close look at your custom transactions and programs
> Are they really used?
> How often are they used?
> By whom?

•Get familiar with the RBPD/IBIS content to correctly use and analyze the content


• Don’t start building your process model without your team
>  You will need your team’s help
> Don’t under estimate the effort involved creating a model acceptable to your team

• Don’t get too fancy with your business process structure! Keep it simple!
> SAP Solution Manager is not a process modeling tool at this point
> Keep in mind that you need to keep the process model up to date over time
> Don’t underestimate the effort/learning curve if you have an existing SolMan project

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