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Group Currency Impact on Controlling; Preview of Session at SAP Financials Amsterdam

by Rohana Gunawardena

April 13, 2013

At SAP Financials Amsterdam I will be presenting two sessions on controlling "A practical guide to navigating your controlling options in SAP” and “Where is your SAP controlling data hiding? Tips and techniques for identifying and analyzing CO data”. 

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I often get asked about currency set up, changes to currency settings and changes in controlling area structures in productive systems.  These are areas in which I often lead projects.  To help you get on track with what settings are available and where they are in your systems I have outlined some basic steps you can take.


Where is Group Currency defined?  It is actually the system client currency defined in transaction SCC4 the field is labeled as “Std Currency” not Group Currency.  Often this can be confusing as there is no actually configuration setting marked as Group Currency.  In you system transaction SCC4 may be blocked as it has key transport and system settings as well as the currency setting.  You can use tra nsactions SE16, SE16N or SE17 to look at table T000 for display of the value, field T000-MWAER.



Where is Controlling Area Currency defined?  Look at transaction OKKP, or table TKA01, for each controlling area.  Both the source currency type and the currency code are defined here.  In general SAP recommends setting Controlling Area currency to be the same as Group Currency,  see SAP Notes 119428 and 314936, to avoid translation errors for cross-ledger transactions.



Using these two basic configuration settings you can get an insight to your Controlling currency set up.  During the conference I will talk more about the company code to controlling area relationship and why a reorganization of the structure would be beneficial to your organization.

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In addition I will be presenting two further sessions at SAP Financials 2013 Amsterdam, “How to prevent and correct errors in stock-related postings: New insights for resolving MM-FI inconsistencies” and “Foreign currency valuation and translation dos and don'ts for better FAS 52 compliance”


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