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Financials Tip #3: 8 Key change management learnings for a global SAP ERP Financials Rollout

by Allison Martin

February 6, 2013

Enjoy this quick tip from Mark Ernst, a Senior/Executive Partner at Accenture’s presentation at Financials 2013 in Las Vegas this spring: "How to build a global deployment roadmap for SAP ERP Financials at your organization".

Change management work plan categories are similar to domestic implementations with significant complexities around culture, geography, and language

- Communications

- Executive Sponsorship and Management

- Organizational Design

- Training Development

- Training Coordination and Delivery

- Business Readiness and Adoption

A strong leader from your company with high credibility should lead the change management efforts globally with support from  change management professionals

 1. Agree on the style and approach to change management early in the project

- Do not assume everyone has a common view of what type of change management is needed globally

- Every organization has a unique culture and the standard approaches may need to be “tweaked” to be effective

- Verify the approach with the business/IT

- Focus on business adoption, not just executing ac tivities

2. Identify a strong change network

- Key Users/Super Users/ Change Network needs to represent the organization well and be available to help

3. Global Delivery Model will drive the change mgmt. team structure

- Determine what will be executed centrally (e.g., training development) and locally (e.g., training delivery)

4. Incorporate impacts of designs decision in the approach

- Language strategy – Is translation needed?

5. Globalize the change team

- Global representation (on-site or remote) is crucial to make sure communications are appropriate and accurate in each major country/region/location

6. Business Readiness approach needs to go down to the site level

-Site deployment leads should be considered vs. trying to travel out people every time

7. Integrate change team closely with process and tech teams

-Design decisions and changes will directly impact change team

8. End-state role definition is critical and has direct input into security design

- Utilize specialty tools for rapid training development

For more on SAP ERP Financials global rollouts  join us in March in Las Vegas at Financials 2013, March 18-22 and follow me at @AllisonMartin14 for more information on upcoming Financials events.

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