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Podcast: Ross Wilson on McKesson's CO-PA on SAP HANA project

by Allison Martin

February 27, 2013

Earlier today, I had the chance to catch up with one of my SAP Financials 2013, speakers, Ross Wilson of McKesson. Ross is delivering the following session at our event next month: Case study: How McKesson implemented CO-PA on SAP HANA for improved financial reporting

McKesson has recently taken on the project of implementing SAP CO-PA built on SAP HANA and with all the latest buzz going on in the SAP space about HANA and in-memory computing, I really wanted to take the opportunity to talk to him a bit more about the project and how successful it has been up to this point.

Ross briefly detailed for me some of the key drivers for the project, as well as why they chose the SAP CO-PA Rapid Deployment Accelerator to introduce HANA to its environment and how now that it's after the fact and the solution has been rolled out, if he feels they took the right approach. 

Listen in to check out the full audio:http:/

Thanks again to Ross, and I'm looking forward to his session in a few weeks!

For more on CO-PA on HANA join us in March in Las Vegas at Financ ials 2013, March 18-22 and follow me at @AllisonMartin14 for more information on upcoming Financials events.

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