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Random Thoughts from day “1.5" of HR2013

by David Wisor

February 26, 2013

It's Tuesday, January 26th and I've been in Las Vegas since Sunday. I will get this out of the way first, I've only lost $40 bucks so far...but there's still time. I've been happy with the experience so far, I've already met some new people and enjoyed a couple of pre-conference workshops. In the morning, I learned about how to create an effective communication strategy for a project and I will definitely be employing some of the things I learned. In the afternoon, I sat in on a presentation regarding the future path of SAP HCM. I know that it is time to start the discussion internally at my employer-should we be considering moving to the cloud, or plan on remaining "on premises".
Interestingly, I have already discovered something at this conference that I had no idea even existed. I am referring to the group of SAP mentors. I have certainly heard many of the names before, I am glad to hear that SAP is supporting this group of fine individuals by creating this group.
I really enjoyed the keynote this morning. A couple of things that really stood out with me. I really like the idea of selling HR as a profit center, not just a cost center. We, as HR Professionals can really help the organization, in areas like an effective recruitment program, a total compensation program that encourages retention of key employees, and in other areas like employee development.  I also liked the new ux for on-premises hr. The tile view is what the nextgen is looking for. We also need to get past he concept that social media is just about Facebook and LinkedIn. More and more, successful employee engagement will be crucial-it's how our employees will feel part of our organization. 
One last thing, I'm not sure I will ever look at a drink of water by a speaker the same way again. Thanks for that, Marco Rubio.
That's all for now, looking forward to today's breakout sessions.

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