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Fiscal Year Calendar Change

by Idalia Troyano

January 30, 2013

My company is going from Month Calendar to 4-4-5 Calendar reporting, do anyone out there did this type of conversion?  Can anyone want to share lessons learned?





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Gary Byrne

9/25/2013 9:05:04 PM

Hello, Idalia

You will need to create a factory calendar that matches your fiscal calendar and then use the restrict by factory calendar option in transaction SM36 to set up a batch job that runs on exactly the close period date you require.

One step you need to do is to create a factory calendar that has one working day that is always the last day of the fiscal period. For example, you could set up the calendar for using a 4-4-5 fiscal calendar that starts in November. In this case your fiscal 2013 calendar runs from November 25, 2012, to October 27, 2013. Note that the last day of the fiscal period is always a Sunday.

Instructions and configuration steps are outlined in the SAPexperts Financials article titled "Simplify Your Month End by Using the Factory Calendar for Batch Job Scheduling." This article is now part of the SAPexperts Financials sample content. To register to view the sample content on SAPexperts Financials, go to

The content in this article should help you. Message me at if you have additional questions or comments.